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Feb 2, 2011 5:00pm EST
the tragedy in tucson. president obama and senator john mccain had a meating -- meeting at the white house. it comes after mccain's editorial. the senator praised president obama's speech at the memorial service. >>> after days of peaceful protest, there's return to violence in egypt with proand antiforces combating one another in cairo. we have more in cairo's main square tonight. >> reporter: chi -- chaotic scenes today in the heart of the capitol city. several thousands supporters of mubarak -- some road camels and attacked the antigovernment protestors. the two sides pelted each other with stones. several demanded mubarak leave now and dragged the attackers off of horses and there are reporting of many wounded. the army tried to keep the promubarak camp from coming. now, the soldiers are standing by and observing and so far, they haven't intervened. >> any attack a peaceful demonstrator is unacceptable and i condemn it. >> reporter: it's turmoil, the first violence between the two camps in a week. the clashes erupted one day after mubarak announced he wouldn't run in the up
Feb 14, 2011 5:00pm EST
obama. >> it's a momentous occasion. she'll remember it forever. >> it's exciting they would choose a small school in baltimore county to honor us with a visit. it's exciting and encouraging for the students to meet someone like the president and have something to aspire to. maybe one of our students some day will be president. >> reporter: parkville folkses on science, technology, engineering and math. it was selected by the white house for the president to discuss his priorities. including education. he visited a classroom lab before delivering his remarks. students were happy to show off their school. what do you think of president obama coming to school today? >> cool. it's a big deal. a lot for baltimore. >> reporter: but it was not just students, staff and parents that were excited. many people in the community gathered outside the school with signs anxious for a glimpse of the president. >> to think my children are going there now. it was great. >> it was amazing. i consider it an honor and a real privilege to see our first black president. i have never had a chance to see any
Feb 4, 2011 5:00pm EST
protesters. obama administration is in talks about the possible resignation of mubarak and the formation of an interim government. >> reporter: democracy protesters in egypt are calling this a day of departure. a day they want hosni mubarak to leave town immediately. >> leave now. not tomorrow. what you want from people now. hosni mubarak? it is now, if you really love this country, please leave this country. >> reporter: all morning people have been streaming into the -- liberation square. the area was transformed from a battle ground to a holy ground. roughly 100,000 people took part in noon prayers. friday is the muslim holy day. once over, the square erupted with chants of defiance. tahrir square is the focal point in the fight. today's rally is seen as a chance for some to regain momentum and they say they will keep it up until mubarak steps down. the army is out in force, arresting people entering the square while mubarak's supporters are nowhere to be seen. soldiers using tanks and barbed wire blocked access to the area. the defense minister made an unexpected visit to liberation squ
Feb 10, 2011 5:00pm EST
first lady obama say their children won't be logging on soon. this is sparking a national argument. at what age should kids be allowed to join the social network? >> the great thing about the first lady's comments were, we're clear that we understood that preteens shouldn't use facebook. >> 93% of teens are online. 73% use facebook. we found that most parents thought that about 15 was an appropriate age. 43% said that social networking sites weren't appropriate for those under the age of 18 years old. >>> all right, take a look at this. it's hard to believe, it's been a year since this mess. this is the second of those back to back blizzards this february. who could forget them. we were just winding down and we were just beginning to dig out from two feet of snow. five days before that one, we had another storm in the first week of february. here we go. we're on the anniversary of wild, wild weather last winter. we got a dusting and most of us had little snow. take a look, beautiful live shot. what a difference a year makes! no snow on the dock in chesapeake beach. they got a dusting o
Feb 17, 2011 5:00pm EST
between government forces and reform demonstrators, how the obama administration is weighing a delicate balance. >>> and a lesson on japanese culture. how a group of elementary school students got a front row seat. he's single and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks so whiten your teeth. no coffee. [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks. hi. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile. crest 3d white toothpaste. missing something? now you get a cleanser with scope freshness. new fixodent plus scope ingredients. cleans and kills germs that cause odors to your dentures. new fixodent cleanser plus scope ingredients. >>> checking headlines around the nation tonight. the driver of that toxic pest control truck found on the side of i-95 in florida monday is being jailed on a million dollars bond. police found his daughter in a plastic bag. he was burned from acid. the man later told police he planned to commit suicide. he was charged with aggravated child abuse. >>> a real shocking story out of pennsylvania tonight. a wo
Feb 7, 2011 5:00pm EST
, obama said that the egyptian president needs to transition to democracy and then leave. >> is he going to leave soon? >> he only knows what he'll do. here's what we know. egypt won't go back to what it was. >> we can say that the time is now for you to start making a change in that -- >> it's unclear if he'll remain in office until september. secretary of state hillary clinton said he needs to lay out a time line that leads towards free and fair elections. >>> well, tonight, firefighters are battling brush fires in western australia. the flames destroyed 59 homes officials declared the fire a natural disaster. the investigators determined that the fire was started accidentally from sparked by a power tool. >>> snow and ice proved to be too much for the indianapolis international airport. a section of the parking garage canopy collapsed. three sections of the canopy covering the atrium closed. three cars were damaged and luckily, no one was in the garage during the collapse. >>> falling sheets of snow and ice are a problem in massachusetts. in charleston, there's a dense chunk of ice th
Feb 15, 2011 5:00pm EST
cut funding by 20% from the chesapeake bay program. now it says president obama's proposal which calls for a 35% increase in the budget honors a federal commitment to achieve pollution reduction goals. the foundation is urging the senate to reject the house proposal and support funding the president's budget. >>> your comments and complaints just continue to pour into our newsroom after a local locksmith is accused of overcharging customers. joce sterman has more. he has been hit with court orders to stop jacking his prices but seems he won't stop. joce sterman is in the interactive news center. >> reporter: we're working for you. we keep hearing from horton's customers with phone calls and e-mails. we created a special page on our web site that covers everything you need to know about joe horton and locksmiths in general. is a page we've created. we've gotten three stories since april about this guy and his business. we basically set up a timeline. click on the story, pop it up, watch the video, read the script and you'll get up to date on what has happene
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7